U.S. Rep. Tom O'Halleran

By Tom O’Halleran

Congress failed to act on Friday to prevent a costly, irresponsible government shutdown. This is unacceptable, and we could have prevented this by passing a long-term budget that funds our government, strengthens our military, and invests in our future.

The deadline has past, so we must act quickly solve this problem. Leaders in Washington must stop playing the blame game and start working to solve this for the American people. We must pass long-term funding for our military, veterans, children’s health coverage and community health centers, and our DREAMers deserve stability. I have been meeting with Democrats and Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate to find a bipartisan solution.

While we work on a plan to fund our government, our first responders and our military should not pay the price. I have urged Speaker Ryan to bring the bipartisan SHIELD Act to a vote to ensure the brave men and women who defend our nation and our communities are paid throughout the shutdown.

Also, Congress should not be paid for failing to do its job. That’s why I have announced I will forgo my pay during this shutdown and will donate it to local charities.

Tom O’Halleran, a Democrat, is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Arizona’s District 1.


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