We celebrate the outdoors in this issue, from archaeology to shooting etiquette to high school spring sports.

We chatted with Col. Chuck Millar and Mike Kerr about their upcoming Fly-In & Car Show, where plane and car enthusiasts can spend hours outside looking at engines. But there is a lot more going on at Millar’s private airfield, including his growing military museum.

Check out other events that revel in the outdoors this month, like the Salsa Festival and Sun Life’s Chocolate Run.

March is Archaeology & Heritage Awareness Month, and our staff took to the hills to investigate local folklore surrounding a mine site. They also picked up tips on the best historical sites to visit in the surrounding area.

Learn why there is a continuing campaign to get the city to build outdoor pickleball courts (hint: it’s all in the numbers). Maricopans also shared their ideas of what else the city needs more of in outdoor recreation.

Realtor Dayv Morgan explains the value of outdoor recreational amenities for homebuyers. Murray Siegel celebrates local school principals. Joan Koczor warns about the signs of diabetes in her senior column.

This issue also shares a housing outlook from developers, information on “friendly” bugs in the garden, schedules for Maricopa high school sports and a great workout to get you back on track for those fitness resolutions.

Learn why a change in speed limit has incensed neighbors, and find out how the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority could affect the city’s transit system.

It’s all in this issue of InMaricopa.

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