Maricopa Fire Department spokesman Brad Pitassi talks about safety at home and on the roads for the holidays.

Maricopa Fire Department public information officer Brad Pitassi stopped by our InMaricopa studio to provide tips for staying safe this holiday season.

MFD recommends switching open flame candles to LED light candles to avoid fire hazards, keeping an eye out for children and distractions in the kitchen, and making sure trees and other plants don’t dry out.

“It’s really important people stay aware of these freeze warning,” Pitassi said. “We want to keep the holiday season festive and fun, and we really are looking to prevent any tragedy. So if we are proactive in our safety, as well as the safety of our pets and family and friends, then we can ensure the holidays will be a time of celebration and not mourning.”

Maricopa residents should also be aware of the freeze warning issued for the area. Drivers should look out for black ice on the roads and pet owners should bring their animals inside.

Any resident looking to properly dispose of their Christmas tree is encouraged to bring the tree to Maricopa City Hall’s former location at 45145 W. Madison Ave. through Jan. 31. Employees of the Maricopa Public Works Department will be chip the trees and dispose of them at the Weinberger Landfill.


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