A new era of weight loss: Shedding pounds with Semaglutide


Kristina Donnay Maricopa Wellness CenterObesity and being overweight can pose serious health risks linked to leading causes of death like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

Losing 5 to 10% of your body weight through diet and exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults with obesity.

Anti-obesity medications have been around for decades with many on the market today. But Semaglutide is the first in a new generation of highly effective obesity medications.

Semaglutide mimics an amino acid that regulates appetite in the brain. This helps signal you to feel full and eat less. The class of medications is not new, however. It’s been used for more than 15 years to treat type 2 diabetics.

Injected under the skin weekly, Semaglutide has been used to treat obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, reframing obesity as a chronic illness rather than perpetuating the misconception that it’s a problem best overcome by willpower.

Semaglutide doesn’t work for everyone, such as those with certain chronic conditions. But, when successful, it can help someone shed as much as 20% of a person’s body weight.

For many people, the medication works. The results of a clinical trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that the average weight loss was 12.5% against the placebo group, while one-third of participants lost 20% of their initial body weight. All anti-obesity medications should be prescribed along with lifestyle changes to maximize benefits.

Our Semaglutide weight-loss program also combines our Lipotropic MIC-B12 injection as a supplemental fat burner. It is an injected combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. MIC-B12 shots help increase energy, metabolize fat, achieve weight loss, detox the liver and boost the immune system. This shot can also help improve mood and sleep.

If you are considering Semaglutide for weight loss, please give our office a call at 520-464-6193 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kristina Donnay DNP, FNP-C and see if our Semaglutide weight-loss program is right for you.

Mention InMaricopa to receive 50% off your first two weekly injections when starting the program as a new patient. Certain rules and restrictions may apply.

As Semaglutide is not right for everyone, we offer various other programs here at Maricopa Wellness Center to help with your weight goals.

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