An argument late Thursday night at a local bar heated up when a gun was drawn and police were called.

According to a Form 4, a police document which provided details on the altercation, two men, Jose A, Garcia and Joseph R. Cordova, were arrested and charged that night.

Garcia was charged with Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and DUI. Cordova was charged with Disorderly Conduct.

A third suspect was involved but was not charged.

The argument, which started inside The Roost, a local bar, late Thursday night, spilled out into the parking lot of the establishment in the wee hours of Friday morning. During this argument the third, and uncharged suspect left on a bicycle towards the adjacent QuikTrip gas station.

Garcia and Cordova both got into their vehicle to look for the third suspect and happened to drive past a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper.

According to the Form 4, “The DPS trooper stated that the suspects appeared to be looking for someone.”

Garcia and Cordova found the third subject at the entrance of QT. At that point, Garcia, the driver, stopped the vehicle and the argument broke out once again.

According to police documents, Garcia pointed a gun out of the passenger side window at the third suspect while Cordova was sitting in the passenger seat.

The third suspect attempted to grab the gun away from Garcia while striking Cordova.

According to the police documents, Garcia then got out of the vehicle and lifted his shirt revealing the gun and attempted to hit the third subject but missed.

The third subject was then able to put Garcia in a headlock.

Cordova placed the third subject in a headlock, trying to break up the fight. Then the third suspect released Garcia, who started started punching the third suspect in the face.