Built in the 1950s, the NAPA Auto Parts store has a new neighbor on its east side as ADOT completes the SR 347 overpass. Photo by Jim Headley

The Arizona Department of Transportation has begun condemnation proceedings to take possession of the Maricopa NAPA site.[pull_quote_right]”We are now in condemnation proceedings to take the entire property.” — Tom Herrmann, ADOT[/pull_quote_right]

Tena Dugan, owner of NAPA Auto Parts and Mel’s Auto Repair, located on the corner of State Route 347 and the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, said she remains unsure where she might move her business. She does not own the building.

Due to the construction of the State Route 347 overpass looming on the store’s east side, ADOT officially acknowledged Friday they are attempting to condemn the property.

The owner of the property in county paperwork is Marathon Enterprises LLC of Casa Grande. Craig Scott is the owner of Marathon, Dugan said.

According to court records, ADOT paid $404,000 in earnest money to the Pinal County Clerk of the Court in 2017 for the property. In February this year, Superior Court Judge Steven J. Fuller issued an amended order for immediate possession dependent on another cash bond of $485,850. It is part of a suit ADOT filed two years ago naming Mel’s Auto LLC, Marathon Enterprises and the Pinal County treasurer as defendants.

Tom Herrmann, ADOT public information officer, acknowledged plans to condemn the property.

“We have converted from what was a partial taking of the NAPA site,” Herrmann said. “Originally, the plan was (to take) a small area on the east side of the NAPA site. We are now in condemnation proceedings to take the entire property.”

He said it remains unknown what ADOT might do with the site.

“We are about to start settlement negotiations. We are not near a final agreement or a price on the property, but that process has started. How long it will take is really up in the air,” Herrmann said.

Dugan said as far as she knows, ADOT is her current landlord and they must give her 60 days’ notice before eviction.

“Every day I have 60 more days,” Dugan said. “I’ve worked with a relocation specialist and I’m just going with the flow. I’m trying to finalize everything, so we can move some place. I don’t have an answer of what we’re going to do.”

Dugan has another NAPA store in Stanfield. Dugan said she could move her Maricopa services there until she lands at a new location.