All but Subway rated ‘excellent’ in new inspections

Subway [Brian Petersheim Jr.]
Subway [Brian Petersheim Jr.]

In the mood to dine out in Maricopa this weekend? There aren’t many bad options, at least according to this latest restaurant inspection report from the Pinal County Health Department. 

Health inspectors visited a dozen eating establishments in Maricopa between Aug. 3 and Aug. 17, awarding all but one flawless marks. 

This report has two more “excellent” ratings and one fewer “satisfactory” rating than our previous report that spanned July 21 to Aug. 2. 


  • Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers (inspected Aug. 17) 
  • Crumbl Cookies (inspected Aug. 16) 
  • Dunkin’ Donuts (inspected Aug. 4)
  • Exceptional Community Hospital (inspected Aug.) 
  • Jimmy John’s (inspected Aug. 16) 
  • Maricopa Wells Middle School 
  • MOD Super-Fast Pizza (inspected Aug. 16) 
  • Raceway Bar & Grill (inspected Aug. 4) 
  • Roots Eatery (inspected Aug. 4) 
  • Walmart (inspected Aug. 8) 
  • Walmart Bakery (inspected Aug. 8) 
  • Walmart Deli (inspected Aug. 8) 




  • Cooling methods: After three hours in the walk-in cooler, the temperature of sliced turkey, ham and salami held in deep, metal pans were between 50 and 51 degrees. Meat is to be held in shallow, sheet pans to chill more quickly.