Delis and dogs: Two dinged in food inspection


The Pinal County Health Department was just a tad more lenient than last time with its food inspection scores after visiting almost a dozen restaurants in the last two weeks. 

Most restaurants were flawless but a pair were dinged for dishing out lukewarm and expired meats. 

If you’re planning to dine out in Maricopa this weekend, you may want to think twice about where you get a hotdog or deli sandwich. That’s according to today’s report from the Pinal County Health Department. 

Health inspectors from the county visited 11 eateries and marketplaces in Maricopa between July 21 and Aug. 2. Nine of those inspected received excellent ratings but the other two were not as lucky


  • Bashas’ Retail (inspected July 26) 
  • Bashas’ Starbucks (inspected July 26) 
  • Bashas’ Sushi (inspected July 26) 
  • Butterfield Elementary School (inspected Aug. 1) 
  • Circle K (inspected July 26) 
  • Native Grill & Wings (inspected Aug. 1) 
  • Maricopa Pantry (inspected July 26) 
  • The Roost (inspected July 25) 
  • Wingstop (inspected Aug. 1) 


Bashas’ — Deli (inspected July 26) 

  • Hot holding: The temperature of cooked chicken in the hot holding display case was between 114 and 119 degrees. A minimum temperature of 135 degrees is required. 
  • Equipment: A heating lamp in the display unit is out. 
  • Expiration dates: Open containers of deli turkey, coleslaw, bean salad, cantaloupe and sprouts were held in deli coolers past their expiration date. 

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers (inspected July 25) 

  • Hot holding: The temperature of hotdogs on the steam warmer was between 117 and 118 degrees. A minimum temperature of 135 degrees is required. 
  • Storage of single-use objects: Cup lids were stored next to a hand sink and were stacked above the sink’s splashguard. That’s a no-no.