Backyard shed confrontation ends in arrest


A backyard shed led to a not-so-neighborly confrontation Monday night. 

Maricopa police arrested 42-year-old Tyler D. Koon and accused him of a self-guided tour around the neighborhood block where he confronted several neighbors, according to a probable cause statement obtained by InMaricopa. 

Cops responded to a disturbance on West Wild Horse Trail in Senita after a caller told dispatch she was sitting in her truck when a strange man banged on her window. 

The man, later identified as Koon, told the woman to “move along,” according to police documents. The caller said Koon was intimidating and brandished a large dog. 

An elderly couple and their son were inside a home on the street when Koon allegedly damaged the front door. Police noted he bent a metal bar on the door. 

Koon then screeched complaints at the homeowners about building a shed in their backyard, cops said. The homeowners told him to scram. 

Like the woman who first dialed 9-1-1, they told cops Koon was threatening. 

Police contacted Koon at his home on West Arizona Avenue, the next street over. He admitted to visiting his neighbor’s home, cops said. He said he was mad at them for building the shed. 

Koon was booked into the Pinal County jail on four misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. He faces two years behind bars. 

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