Amy Berry, with her children Cameron, Caden and Chloe, is 2018’s Best Mom in Maricopa. Photo by Mason Callejas


Single mother of three Amy Berry has a lot of love out there. Nominated by six people, she is the 2018 Best Mom in Maricopa.

InMaricopa’s Facebook readers “liked” the nomination of the mother they thought most deserving of the award, and Berry came out ahead among nearly 30 nominees.

“I’m excited, but I couldn’t do what I do without the village to help me,” Berry said.

Originally from Seattle, Berry moved to Maricopa in 2007. She and her children, Cameron, 12, Caden, 10, and Chloe, 5, live in The Villages.

When’s she’s not working full-time for Wells Fargo from home, she’s leading Girl Scouts or running her children to their activities. Her two sons are both involved in football, one also plays baseball, and her daughter takes dance classes.

“Amy has an amazing, big, loving heart,” Peggy Hill’s Facebook nomination stated. “Health hasn’t been on her side; she still brings up the strength to do all. Amy is, for me, the best mom ever.”

Amy Berry tries out new sunglasses from Maricopa Eye Care, one of the prizes she won as Best Mom in Maricopa. Photo by Mason Callejas

Carol Fagerlie said Berry “amazingly juggles children, their activities, her work, family and friends. She’s a hard worker and has a good heart.”

Alicia Hills said Berry is a “huge advocate” for the city, the schools and the businesses.

“I think Maricopa is a perfect place to raise kids,” Berry said. “I know their teachers and their principal. Someone will call me to tell me my kid jumped in the lake at Pacana Park. Well, that’s nice to know.”

Also nominating Berry, Allen Jorgensen called her an “incredibly brave, tough, tireless and loving mom.”

Berry received $200 in gift cards from local merchants, sunglasses from Maricopa Eye Care, a family sitting with Victor Moreno Photography and a bouquet from Fry’s.

In second place, Kylie Williams received $100 in gift cards and a Fry’s bouquet. Finishing third, Jessica Reynolds aka Jessie Lowman earned $50 in gift cards.

With Father’s Day approaching, check for a chance to nominate and vote for the Best Dad in Maricopa.

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