Kimball answers more live-chat questions


Bridger Kimball is running for one of three seats on the Maricopa City Council. He answered questions from residents Feb. 29 as part of’s series of live chats with council and mayoral candidates for the March 13 primary election.

Kimball is one of four candidates running for a council seat.

The following are answers to questions he was unable to respond to in the allotted time for the live chat.

Q. What are the two or three key issues you believe must be addressed during your first year as councilman?

A. Although there are many issues I believe need to be addressed, I would like to first take a look at streamlining our Development Services Department, instituting an overhauled (city run) shop-local program and help to move forward with capital improvement projects.

Q. Please give us some insight on how you believe Maricopa will benefit from you being elected to city council.

A. My campaign slogan is “Conservative Leadership for a Brighter Maricopa Future” and I intend to be just that. I will act as a gatekeeper of our hard-earned tax dollars, I will use sound judgment in making decisions that could potentially positively or adversely affect our city. If ideas I have mentioned previously are implemented I believe we can bring Maricopa from a bedroom community.

Q. Since you have announced your candidacy what have you garnered from the people of Maricopa that would surprise most residents?

A. In talking with quite a few small business owners throughout my campaign, it has become apparent to me that most of them believe that the Chamber of Commerce is lacking in its support of them and most of them feel as though it (the chamber) should do more for the local businesses.

Q. Bridger, at the candidate debate Jan. 28th, your closing statement was to commit to donating the equivalent of your first year's salary to a charity if elected to City Council. In the opinion of some, that was grandstanding to garner votes. If you are truly philanthropic-minded, why not wait until you get elected and make the gesture, perhaps even do it anonymously? Why did you choose to make that announcement prior to the election?

A. I chose that statement/announcement to show to everyone that I am not running for council for the benefits, the salary, or the title itself. I am running to make a difference and help to move Maricopa forward.

Q. Where do you stand on the Paul Babeu issues, and do you think it has affected your campaign?

A. I support Paul 100 percent and am confident the findings of the investigation will fare in his favor. I do not believe any allegations against Sheriff Babeu should/will affect my campaign.

Q. Bridger, who do you support for mayor, and which council member candidates do you think are best qualified to hold the position… ie whom do you support?

A. I voted for myself, and Carl Diedrich for mayor.

Q. If elected to council how do you plan on balancing time between a full-time job and having time for your responsibilities as a council person?

A. The benefit of owning my own business is that I can make myself available for council-related meetings/events. I am at my store week days and have the weekends and evenings off therefore leaving me ample time for council obligations and responsibilities.