CAC seeking hosts for international student exchange program


Central Arizona College is looking for families to host international students as part of its exchange program.

“In an effort to expand the cultural awareness of its students, faculty and staff, Central Arizona College has been reaching out to forge new international relationships,” John Paddison, retired professor of English, said.

Central Arizona College and Northeastern University in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, The People’s Republic of China, have formed an educational partnership designed to create collaborative exchanges between the two institutions. This cooperative effort is part of the college’s expanding effort to establish global partnerships in the coming years.

“Both CAC and NEU recognize the value of, and need for, international cooperation between educational institutions,” Paddison said. “Such cooperative ventures serve to advance the interests and needs of students and faculty and also benefit the community in general. Believing that education cannot be contained within political or geographic boundaries, both schools have agreed to establish a long-term exchange program between CAC and NEU students, faculty and staff.”

Members of the community can contribute to this valuable program by serving as a host family for visiting professors, students, student-athletes, or staff members – all from various places around the world – during their stay at Central Arizona College.

Host families can interact with visitors in any of the following ways:

· Invite an exchange student or teacher home for dinner or to visit and/or stay in your home for a night or a weekend – especially during holidays.

· Plan activities and short trips to popular Arizona tourist spots and/or events to give foreign students or teachers a true sense of American culture. If possible, travel with him or her out of state.

· Be genuinely interested in learning about a foreign student or faculty’s culture and family.

· Accompany him or her to an event celebrating his or her country.

· Provide a foreign student or teacher with a point of contact if he or she has any questions or problems, or just wants to talk.

For more information on how to become involved, please call John Paddison at (480) 983-6600, or e-mail him at

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