This October, a stranger may knock on your door.

Maricopa City Council has requested the U.S. Census conduct a Special Census in Maricopa. In order to gather accurate data, Census enumerators will carry out a citywide population count of Maricopa residents during the month. City officials hope to see the population of Maricopa eclipse the 43,482 population count from 2010, and most expect the number to rise above 50,000.

From the City of Maricopa website:

The goal is earn a “fair share” of state and federal monies the city may be entitled to if it can prove its population. Showing a population over 50,000 may also entice more brand-name business to look more closely at the city.

Starting on Thursday, Census workers will go door to door for a meticulous canvass of all residents.

They will have official badges from the Census Bureau.

From the City of Maricopa:

Here’s how you can help…
Answer Your Door to the Census Workers
The best way you can help is to simply answer your door, take the survey and be counted!
Spread the Word
Make sure your neighbors, family and friends understand the importance of Maricopa’s Special Census and being counted.
Feel Confident
Know that Maricopa Census workers are primarily local residents who have gone through extensive background checks and are sworn to keep your information confidential.

Helpful Census Tips:
Check the Badge
Each U.S. Census worker will be wearing a Bureau-issued identification badge.
Check Your Front Door
If a Census worker stops by and you’re not home, they will leave a note on your front door with additional information on how you can complete your Census survey.
Call the Maricopa Special Census office at 520-374-0138 to verify a census worker or ask questions.