Sweet news is here.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory will share space with Cold Stone Creamery at its location on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and Porter Road, according to documents obtained by InMaricopa.

A site plan showed the chocolatier will feature alongside the ice cream shop and stated it would be “the first tenant” to occupy the building.

According to city spokesperson Quinn Konold, a building permit for the duo completed a first review last week but will need to be resubmitted.

Five other Cold Stone locations in the greater Phoenix area share space with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, according to its website. Most locations feature a case of chocolates and caramel apples next to the register.

Kahala Brands Vice President of Public Relations Jessica Benedick said a tentative opening is not yet known.

A representative from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Durango, Colo.-based public company’s best sellers include “Rocky Pop” caramel corn, truffles called “mini moguls” and caramel apples.