It’s time to vote


I received my ballot for our local election last week and with it came a feeling of joy.

Many years ago my mother taught me the importance of voting. I remember her taking me into the voting booth as a child and showing me the big machine where she placed her ballot and pulled a lever.

Although times have changed and today we have a mail-in ballots, it does not change the fact that we should enjoy voting because it gives us the feeling that I am involved in the future of the city we call home.

I moved to Maricopa a few years ago and have become very active in the community.

I proudly serve on both the Maricopa Board of Adjustments and on the board of the Maricopa Babe Ruth League. I have volunteered time to clean up overgrown yards in my community and have joined both the Maricopa Republican Club and Maricopa Tea Party. I applied to volunteer my services when two openings came up for the Maricopa Unified School District, and started a Facebook group called Maricopa Motorcycle Riders where people can arrange rides or just talk about motorcycle issues.

It is evident I love living in Maricopa and being involved in our community, and I also think Maricopa needs strong leaders and people willing to work with them to better our city. I believe when it comes time to vote everyone should do their part.

Who I support for mayor and city council is irrelevant, because you should make up your own mind. You should get to know the people asking for your votes with signs, phone calls, postcards, or ads in a local paper.

When faced with a decision for local politics you have the ability to meet with the people who want your vote. You have the ability to shake their hands and ask them questions about the issues important to you, which is very different than a national election.

Your decision for mayor comes down to Christian Price and Carl Diedrich, and you can contact either via phone, their websites or email and ask to meet them.