Maricopa City Council will consider a series of updates to city code on cannabis-facility regulations, including minimum distances from such things as schools, during its April 4 meeting.

The Planning and Zoning Commission forwarded the updates to the council during its March 28 meeting.

The zoning-code updates would include definitions on types of marijuana facilities permitted within the city, add the requirement that their security plans be submitted to the Police Department and that they provide for odor control. Updated wording also clarifies minimum distances pot facilities may be from residences, schools and other areas.

Those distances may prove to be a hot topic. The city issued a news release on Thursday suggesting the minimum distance from schools, in particular, will be discussed. Initially, the ordinance update called for keeping a 500-foot minimum.

“After receiving feedback from residents and further review by city staff, staff will recommend City Council consider a change to increase this minimum requirement to a distance of 1,500 feet,” Quinn Konold, communications and cultural services director, said in the release.

No comments were made during the public hearing portion of the P&Z meeting regarding the distance from schools. City Planning and Zoning Manager Rick Williams noted during the meeting he had not heard any comments from residents about it since public outreach began March 8.

“As of this evening, in putting together this presentation, there has been no correspondence received by staff either in favor or in opposition of the text amendment,” Williams said.

Current city code requires dispensaries be a minimum 500 feet from schools, which complies with state minimum requirements. P&Z Vice Chair Bill Robertson recommended increasing the distance to 1,000 feet, which ignited some debate among commission members. Ultimately, the commission voted 5-1 to send the amendment to City Council as written, maintaining the 500-foot minimum from schools, with Robertson opposed.

City Council will review the zoning-code text amendment and hear public comment April 4.

Information on the amendment can be found on the council’s agenda, available online.


  1. The city council needs to wake up and be pro-business as all they have done so far is pass on revenue dollars from a booming industry. The city must enjoy giving away tax dollars to Chandler and Casa Grande which are benefiting from Maricopa dollars being spent there because Maricopa leadership is not supporting what the people have voted for.

    All policies have done so far is give away tax revenue to surrounding cities, because the policies do not reduce consumption, Maricopan will just buy even more in bulk and bring it home to Maricopa…our city leadership is just plain stubborn.

    Fix it city council, if you really care to serve the people and not abuse your power.
    We voted for this, now give us access just like we have for beer, wine, hard liquor and big pharma which all have been a cause of death unlike marijuana.