The Pinal County Health Department wasn’t as generous as last time with its food inspection scores after visiting nearly a dozen restaurants in the last two weeks. 

If you’re planning to dine out in Maricopa this weekend, think twice before choosing where to go for a coffee, barbecue or tacos. That’s according to today’s report from the Pinal County Health Department.   

Health inspectors from the county visited eleven eateries and local markets between July 7 and July 20. Eight of those inspected received excellent ratings but the other three were not as fortunate. 


Dickey’s — Walmart location (inspected July 11) 

Firehouse Subs (inspected July 12) 

Fry’s Marketplace (inspected July 19) 

Fry’s Marketplace — Bakery (inspected July 19) 

Fry’s Marketplace — Cheese (inspected July 19) 

Fry’s Marketplace — Deli (inspected July 19) 

Sprouts Farmers Market (inspected July 13) 

Sprouts Farmers Market — Bakery (inspected July 13) 


Dickey’s — North John Wayne Parkway location (inspected July 11) 

  • Hot holding: Temperatures of cooked ribs in the warmer ranged from 118 to 121 degrees. More than 135 degrees is required. 
  • Equipment: A large crack in the wooden countertop needs to be repaired. 

Rili B’s Taco Shop (inspected July 11)  

  • Cold holding: Temperatures of beans and cooked hot sauce in the cooler were between 55 and 57 degrees. Less than 41 degrees is required.  

Starbucks — Fry’s Marketplace location (inspected July 19) 

  • Cold holding: Temperatures of cheese in the display cooler were between 50 and 51 degrees. Less than 41 degrees is required. The display cooler needs to be repaired and reinspection is required by July 26. 
  • Cleaning: Inspectors found excessive debris on the floor and under the sinks. The concrete floor is damaged.