Electrical district to roll out energy-saving, demand-response program

Pinal County Electrical District No. 3 is rolling out a program that will allow enrolled residential and small-business customers to receive an incentive to reduce energy during times of peak system demand.

A new program that will offer enrolled residential and small-business customers an incentive to reduce energy during times of peak system demand soon will be available from Pinal County Electrical District No. 3.

ED3, which provides electricity to Maricopa, plans to roll out a smart-thermostat demand-response program in 2023. It has selected National Rural Telecommunications Council and AutoGrid to deploy a distributed energy-resource management system.

Demand-response programs lower energy consumption, cut carbon emissions and help safeguard the grid during times of peak energy use and system constraints.

Smart thermostats such as this will be used in a new ED3 energy-saving program that rolls out in 2023.

Through their partnership with NRTC and AutoGrid, ED3 will use enrolled smart-thermostat devices to lower peak system demand and more effectively manage power supply during summer months.

The program will be structured as a “bring your own device” for certain smart-thermostat models. ED3 will continue to provide rebates for smart thermostats in 2023 along with an annual incentive to participate in the program.

“ED3 is excited to provide residential customers with the opportunity to take an active role in energy conservation within their community, as well as the chance to make more-informed actions regarding their personal energy use during peak times,” said Cassandra Friend, ED3 energy services representative.

As temperatures peak during summer months, so does energy use. That can cause a strain on the electrical grid and require more-costly power-supply purchases.

Demand-response programs help save on energy costs for the customer and the utility.