Barbara and Pastor Steve Adamson have led Maricopa Community Church 25 years. Photos by Kyle Norby

A lot can happen in 25 years. We grow old, build new relationships, lose old ones. However, one thing that hasn’t changed for the Stephen and Barbara Adamson is their commitment to God and preaching to the residents of Maricopa.

Maricopa Community Church celebrated its 25-year anniversary Sunday with a lunch for churchgoers to connect and reflect on the many years Pastor Steve has been leading the ministry. The lunch also included a paper-crafted timeline along the walls where people could write messages and life events and put pictures for specific years of the church lifespan.

Pastor Steve recalled the beginning of the Church’s life and Maricopa’s roots.

“The Lord is good, and then the quality of small-town people can’t be downplayed,” he said. “It really is a wonderful thing to know so many quality people and to be able to really share in each other’s lives.”

Barbara Adamson has been by his side all through the years and has contributed to the success of the church in all aspects. Mainly focused on their senior ministry, she embraces the growing and diverse city Maricopa is becoming.

“We were glad we got to live here before the city grew, so we got to experience the culture of old Maricopa before, when people were still saying, ‘Oh, it’ll never grow,’” Barb said with a laugh. “To be a part of that culture and then to grow into a more signature church, we still really know how to love God and love each other.”

Maricopa Community Church has gained new followers and recognition in recent years with its annual events, notably the Fall Fling and Spring Fling craft and vendor events.

Event organizer Robin Bennett has been in charge of all events put on by the church and said she does so to give more exposure to her great church whose services she has been attending since the very beginning.

“We didn’t start having events until about 10 years ago, starting with the fall and spring fling,” she said. “The church is now used every day of the week.”

Bennett said Barbara and Pastor Steve don’t just preach sermons every Sunday.

“It’s not just their job. They are friends,” Bennett said.

Looking to the future, Maricopa Community Church has its focus on raising funds for  a new building on its property to accommodate its growing services and improving its youth ministry. This would also allow more event opportunities and a space for all to worship together.

“We know that the City is thinking that its probably gonna double in the next 10 years, and so our challenge is to try to meet that potential and to be able to reach out with this same sort of personal touch that we’ve always had,” Stephen Adamson said with a smile.


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