Fogging in Maricopa Meadows to fight skeeters


The property management company for the Maricopa Meadows Homeowners Association will be conducting a round of mosquito fogging in the community this weekend. 

City Property, the Phoenix-based property management company for the Meadows HOA will bring in Bircher Exterminating to fog in the community beginning at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, according to an email sent to homeowners. City Property said that time was chosen to reduce the risk of exposure during fogging of common areas, greenbelts and roadways. 

The company recommends Meadow’s residents should close windows and doors, bring in pets, and stay inside while the fogging is done, out of caution. 

According to the email, Bircher will apply a synergized pyrethroid insecticide that delivers a quick kill of mosquitoes and other flying insects. The insecticide does not leave a residue and dissipates rapidly depending on wind and environmental conditions. If any rain or winds above 10 mph are anticipated on Saturday, the fogging will be rescheduled. 

Mosquito season in the Valley typically runs from March through October, depending upon weather conditions. Mosquitos can carry serious diseases including West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and Zika Virus.