Glitter among violations listed for Maricopa restaurant


According to Pinal County Environmental Services, seven inspections were done from Nov. 3 to Nov. 27.   

Satisfactory rating   

Helen’s Kitchen (Inspected Nov. 23) 

Container of glitter found in food-prep area 

  • The owner stated glitter is used on consumer cakes. Original container of glitter was found labeled as “Galaxy Dust for the decorative enhancement of arts and crafts.” Manager removed glitter from service. Item has been embargoed and cannot be used for consumption. 

Quat sanitizer above 400 ppm 

  • Spray bottle of quat sanitizer tested, above 400 ppm. Quat sanitizer must be 200 to 400 ppm. 

Insecticide found in kitchen 

  • Observed several cans of spray insecticide in the kitchen and storage areas of facility. Manager was instructed to remove from facility, only licensed professionals are to apply insecticides.    

Ware-washing facilities: test strips must be installed, maintained and used  

  • The owner is using quat based sanitizer without the use of testing strips. Provide and maintain strips. Re-inspection by Dec. 2 to verify correction. 

Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean 

  • Ceiling tiles throughout the kitchen are damaged. 


Excellent ratings    

  • A+ Charter Schools (Inspected Nov. 18) 
  • Denny’s (Inspected Nov. 3) 
  • Dunkin’ Donuts (Inspected Nov. 18) 
  • Legacy Traditional School (Inspected Nov. 18) 
  • Shamrock Farms (Inspected Nov. 10) 
  • Wingstop (Inspected Nov. 18) 


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