GTK: Brian Petersheim Jr.

Brian Petersheim Jr. [submitted]

Name: Brian Petersheim Jr.
Hometown: Maricopa
Reside in: Maricopa Meadows
Maricopan since: 2006
Occupation: Multimedia Journalist at InMaricopa
Family: Susan (mom), Haley (sister), Brian (dad), Suzanne (stepmom)
Pets: 3 rescue pups – Charlie, Bella, and Penny Biscuit. and two cats – Yoshi and Loki
Cars: 2012 Honda Civic
Hobbies: Photography and gaming
Pet Peeves: Making what could easily be one text a thread of them (I am guilty of this too)
Dream vacation: Somewhere in Europe
Like most about Maricopa: Its a small city and I can get from one side to the other in like 10 minutes. I also love the community events around the city, like the Salsa festival, Merry Copa, etc.
Like least about Maricopa: SR 347, what else was I supposed to say?


Book: Gone (the series)
Movie: Almost any Marvel movie
Actor: Chris Hemsworth
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper and H2O
Meal: Teriyaki Beef
Quote: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius