GTK: Monica D. Spencer

Monica D. Spencer, a photographer and reporter for InMaricopa, holding one of her film cameras, won the 2023 Vanguard Award for Best in Show and a $2,500 prize in the juried art competition. [Photo courtesy Steven Shelton]

Name: Monica D. Spencer 

Hometown: Mesa, AZ & Dilkon, AZ 

Reside in: Tempe, AZ 

Occupation: Reporter for InMaricopa 

Pets: Jack, a 3-year-old tabby cat; Jake, a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd mix; and Dexter, a 9-year-old chiweenie.

Hobbies: Running, reading, film photography and punching trees in Minecraft. 

Pet peeve: I’m a Virgo, so people that exhibit poor manners. 

Like most about Maricopa: Seeing the stars at night. 

Like least about Maricopa: Traffic on SR 347. 

Book: Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko 

Movie: Amélie 

Actor: Pedro Pascal <3 

Food: I have two comfort foods: homemade Navajo tacos and chicken and dumplings. 

Drink: An icy cold bourbon sour or margarita on the rocks. 


Anything else we should know?  In April I received the 2023 Eric Fischl Vanguard Series Award through Phoenix College. I took first place in the photo category and received one of four “best in show” awards, both for silver gelatin prints featuring my niece.