Hidden Valley Residents Earn Water District Approval


A group of residents from Hidden Valley received the news they had been waiting for as the Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved a water district for their area.

The residents successfully collected enough signatures to form the Valle Escondido Water District. They turned in 104 signatures from a total of 202 parcel owners within the boundary lines, testified Special Services Manager Gary Medina.

With the approval from the Supervisors, the district will have three appointed board members; an election for permanent board members will take place in November.

Currently the Hidden Valley residents haul their own water from a nearby well, Medina said. He added that sometimes the well runs dry and the water has to be acquired from a well in Stanfield.

“We really need the water,” testified resident Frances Real as she pointed to the gathering of her neighbors, “it looks like everyone is interested.”

District 3 Supervisor Jimmie Kerr agreed. “It is encouraging that you have so many people here,” Mr. Kerr said. But he stressed that this is just the beginning of what could be a drawn out process to secure water for the area. “This is only the first step. You need to keep up the hard work. I congratulate you.”

According to Medina, the group now can be recognized by organizations for grants and could be named a colonia in the future. With a colonia designation, the district can apply for federal funding.