History made with female mayor, vice mayor

Nancy Smith and Amber Liermann stand for a photo together in Maricopa City Council Chambers on Aug. 16, 2022. [Bryan Mordt]

Maricopa made history Tuesday night with ladies leading the way in city council.

Former Maricopa Vice Mayor Rich Vitiello nominated City Councilmember Amber Liermann to replace him in that role during the meeting, where he highlighted Liermann’s dedication to the city.

“I am honored and proud to say that I chose Amber Liermann because of her perseverance,” he said during the meeting. “This woman has gone through a lot, but she has done her job not only for us but for our children in our schools.”

Vitiello stepped down in preparation for his April resignation from city council to run a bid for the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

The nomination also marked the first time in city history when women simultaneously served as mayor and vice mayor.

“I feel very humbled and honored,” Liermann told InMaricopa. “It’s a historic moment and I think it brings a strength to our council with a different dynamic or perspective.”

Mayor Nancy Smith said she looks forward to supporting the new vice mayor in her role.

“I know Vice Mayor Liermann will serve the city in a spectacular and unique way,” she said. “Each council member brings their own personality to the table regardless of gender. I certainly enjoy supporting women in leadership and give her my full support.”

According to Maricopa’s city code, the vice mayor serves a one-year term and is responsible for performing mayoral duties in the mayor’s absence.

This includes attending functions and meetings on the mayor’s behalf or serving as mayor when she’s away.