Maricopa Fire Department knows to bring a map before hitting the road. That’s why crews toured Apex Motor Club Thursday morning. 

Construction at Maricopa’s motor club is booming with a host of new facilities on the way. It’s important fire crews know the site and how to navigate it. 

InMaricopa joined Engine 572 crews on a tour of the complex, led by Apex spokesperson Jerimiah Stotler. 

The tour started at the garage condos, which were still under construction. The fire crew located the roof access and nearby hydrants. 

Stotler made a pitstop at the facility’s crown gem, affectionately dubbed “the toy box.” Firefighters peeked at several expensive “toys” made by McLaren, Lamborghini and Radical Sportscars. 

Next up: water storage. Firefighters familiarized themselves with the water pump and tanks. 

During the tour, crew members levied questions about fire prevention systems in place at the facility. 

Engine 572 was one of several crews on-site Thursday. 

“Any time we have a new permanent structure, our plan is to get these guys out here,” said Stotler. “I’d rather meet and hang out with these guys while they’re relaxed than in a panic situation.” 

An inside look at the fire crew’s tour: 

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