If you’re in the mood for a Double-Double, your best bet is Devin Booker. Your next best bet is an In-N-Out Burger in the Valley and Casa Grande. 

The Irvine, Ca.-based regional restaurant chain, requested by many Maricopans on social media, told InMaricopa it has heard Maricopa’s cries for a location but doesn’t have a plan for one just yet. 

Mike Abbate, a spokesperson for In-N-Out Burger’s real estate and development team told InMaricopa Monday the company has heard multiple requests for a location in the Maricopa area. 

“We’re very grateful to hear from our customers in and around the city of Maricopa who would like to have their own In-N-Out Burger closer to their home,” Abbate said. 

“We don’t currently have any plans to locate a store there,” Abbate said, “but we do know it is a wonderful community.”  

The statements came alongside InMaricopa’s talks with Chick-fil-A, who said they want a Maricopa location, but like In-N-Out Burger, have no current plans.