Kimball: The last 4 years and the next 4 years

Bridger Kimball

By Bridger Kimball

It has ultimately been a pleasure serving the citizens of Maricopa for the last four years and I would just like to outline some of my accomplishments while serving as well as outline my plans for the future when re-elected.

Being an effective member of the city council requires more than just ideas and compassion for your community; it requires one to be able to work well with the other members of council and at times ask for the other members to help you accomplish your goal/goals and convince them why your idea is a benefit for the community. Over the past four years I have effectively and efficiently been able to engage in cohesive conversation with my colleagues in helping to continue providing the best and highest quality municipal services to the citizens of our great city.

Here are some of the highlights of accomplishments that I am proud to have been a part of and issues that I have championed while serving you all:

Councilwoman Peg Chapados and I brought forward to a vote of the council to add the mayoral four-year term to the ballot in 2014 for a vote of the people to make it happen. We successfully accomplished that working together and the city is better off because of it.

Councilmember Vincent Manfredi and I brought forward to council the potential for a code change in allowing valid concealed carry permit holders to carry concealed firearms on city property. After lots of debate, and vetting, we were able to get that legislation passed and the city code changed to allow it.

Former Councilwoman Julia Gusse and I brought forward a resolution in support of our Armed Forces and our veterans to show the city’s support of these brave men and women. The mayor read that resolution at a council meeting in late 2013.

In 2014, with the help of city staff and the Blue Star Mothers of Maricopa, I was able to sponsor an ongoing program called the “Maricopa Boxes for the Brave,” which provides shipping for and cost for shipping to citizens who would like to send care packages overseas to our Armed Service members.

Also in 2014, with the help of city staff, I was able to start an annual veterans event titled “Maricopa Stand Up for Veterans,” an event that showcases valuable and imperative services that are provided to veterans in Pinal County and the surrounding areas.

In 2013 the city was faced with a tough choice when it came to budgeting for the Salsa Festival, and I chose to contribute $3,000 of my council discretionary funds to the Community Services Department to help fund a second stage so local performers could showcase their talents at the festival.

These are just a few examples of us, as a council, working together for the greater good of this city, as well as my personal passion for this city and the citizens I was elected to represent.

If re-elected to another four-year term, I promise to continue on the right path in making the decisions that I, as well as the council, see to be the best ones for all of the citizens of this great city. Having lived here for the past 13 years I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand what fast paced growth is like, positive economic development, transportation struggles, development struggles, and balancing a budget… just to name a few.

Having served for the past four years on the Budget Finance and Operations sub-committee I know, in depth, what it is like to balance the city’s budget and I will continue for the next four years being a fiscal steward of tax payer hard earned dollars as I have previously. I will also continue to retain my very unique voice on council and will also continue to collaborate with my colleagues in helping to continue to move Maricopa forward.

I will continue to be a solid voice for our public safety department and ensuring that as our population continues to grow, so do the resources that our Police and Fire Departments need to continue providing the best public safety in the state for our citizens.

I will continue to stand for what the citizens want when it comes to community events, the tax levy, the overpass project, new retail development, and helping to create jobs. This is what I was elected to do and I will continue to do so if re-elected.

We have accomplished so much, but there is a lot left to do and I am only one of two candidates on the November ballot that can continue our forward progress without having to endure a learning curve. I have dedicated my time and energy to not only this country as a Marine but also to this city as a councilmember, and will continue to do so for my love of this country, this city, my friendship with the citizens, and because I, too, live here and want to see our city prosper.

 Bridger Kimball is a member of the Maricopa City Council and running for re-election.

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