This past weekend 11 cheer teams came together for an epic competition. They traveled far and wide – some from Prescott, some from Flagstaff, and others from all around the Valley. They were there to compete in two different divisions.

And the Winners Were…

In Division I:

· 1st: Flagstaff Panthers

· 2nd: Prescott Badgers Gold

· 3rd: Maricopa Lady Pumas Teal

· 4th: Phoenix Dragons Green

· 5th: Junior Tigers Mini Elite

In Division II:

· 1st: Maricopa Lady Pumas Orange

· 2nd: Prescott Badgers Blue

· 3rd: Valley Girls

· 4th: Phoenix Dragons Black

· 5th: Junior Tigers All Stars

· 6th: Junior Eagles

Doing Good While Having Fun

But guess what? The competition was not just about winning. Part of the money they made from the event went to the Breast Cancer Association to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, but it’s more common in women. Doctors and scientists are working hard to find a cure. Money from events like this cheer competition can help them do important research to fight the disease.

Special Guests

Mayor Nancy Smith was there too! She is a real-life superhero because she fought breast cancer for 7 years and won! Her story shows how important it is to keep fighting and supporting causes that can help cure diseases like breast cancer. She was super happy to see everyone competing and supporting this great cause.

Hosts and Performers

The event was hosted by the Maricopa Pumas & Lady Pumas Football and Cheer Organization. During the break, Dance for Tatas showed off their awesome dance moves. Jaime Harrison was also there, supporting another good cause called Relay for Life.

Evangeline Cobb, The president of the lady Puma’s is also the Cheer Commissioner for NYS. She was super proud of everyone who participated and helped make the event a huge success! Everyone went home happy, proud, and knowing they had contributed to a wonderful cause.

See the photo gallery by Bryan Mordt: