Laser trailblazer ‘focused on Maricopa’

Kristina Donnay

Maricopa Wellness Center is defined by the word “first.”

From opening Maricopa’s first full-service Med Spa to holding the city’s first coronavirus testing site, owner Kristina Donnay says she’s laser-focused on giving back to the community through real, quality treatments.

Donnay and her father had no client Rolodex when they opened Maricopa Wellness Center in 2019. But today, the center is thriving — Donnay is a speaker and trainer for aesthetic lasers and hosted a seminar Oct. 14 for all of North America.

“Helping other facilities like mine offer really safe quality treatments has been one of our main missions,” Donnay said.

Donnay grew up in Ahwatukee before making a home in Maricopa. She’s a certified nurse practitioner and Maricopa Wellness Center’s medical director. She’s a certified master injector and licensed in aesthetics, too.

With the help of her father, Donnay built her facility from the ground up. For nearly four years, the father-daughter duo helmed the Maricopa Wellness Center. That changed in December last year when Donnay and her husband, Chris, bought out her father because he was ready for retirement. Donnay says it was all a part of her plan.

Although Donnay chose Maricopa for personal reasons like her desire to raise a family and stay close to home, she says there are no plans to leave the growing city anytime soon.

“I have been approached many, many times to open other facilities in Chandler, Phoenix, or to franchise,” she said. “It’s not that it hasn’t been an option, it’s just genuinely not what I want to do. I am 100% focused on Maricopa.”

Dr. Kristina Donnay, FNP-C and her staff at Maricopa Wellness Center
Dr. Kristina Donnay, FNP-C and her staff at Maricopa Wellness Center

Maricopa Wellness Center offers a variety of services including laser treatments, body and face contouring, an array of therapies and injections, botox and medical weight loss.

Donnay owns seven lasers — five are InMode lasers, the brand she used to lead the international seminar last month. These lasers handle facial contouring, body contouring, hair removal, sun damage repair and vaginal rejuvenation, to name a few.

When Maricopa Wellness Center first opened, it was the only facility of its kind — a full-service med spa. Following Donnay’s trailblazing lead, Maricopa has since attracted three more med spas.

When asked why clients should choose Maricopa Wellness Center over other options in town, Donnay reflected on herself and her quality of service.

“I am a mom and I’m a female business owner. I am just trying to help people just like we all are,” she said. “The services we offer here are very genuine and real, the staff is very genuine and real, and I love that people come and see me and don’t have to leave Maricopa to get treatment.”

Maricopa Wellness Center is located 41600 W. Smith-Enke Road, Building 4, Suite 3. You can call or text 520-464-6193 to schedule a consultation. or visit the website Maricopa Wellness Center

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