Keri and Chad Beradinelli

Welcome to Lotus Evolutions, a wellness spa concept founded by Keri Berardinelli and Chad Binder. Their business centers on holistic skin care, stress reduction and personalized nutrition for gut and skin health.

Keri has been in the aesthetic and wellness fields for nearly 20 years. She is a licensed aesthetician and CLT, and a nutritional wellness coach with an emphasis in alternative culinary applications. She has numerous certifications in colon hydrotherapy, digestive health and detoxification, aromatherapy and elemental reflexology.

Chad has worked in public affairs and, since meeting Keri in 2020, has embraced a passion for nutrition and wellness. He has experienced firsthand how empowering it is to have control over your health through diet alone, as he lost 25 pounds and gained a new sense of vitality.

Lotus Evolutions takes the approach that inner wellness is at the heart of beauty, healthy skin and supportive aging. The skin is a reflection of health and in particular gut health. In the science community it is referred to as the “gut/skin axis.” These two organs have critical roles in immune and neuro-endocrine regulation and are intimately related in purpose and function.

In fact, there are more similarities between the skin and the gut than not, and numerous studies have linked gut health with skin homeostasis (balance). Diet, nutritional status, stress and exposure to toxins all greatly affect the health and balance of the gut, which ultimately affects the health and balance of the skin.

Skin is often overlooked as a vital functioning organ. Many people are overexposed to chemicals found in most beauty and hygiene products. These chemicals find their way into our bodies, adding to the toxic burden we already bear. Over time, this contributes to poor skin, gut and brain health and can disrupt metabolic and hormonal functions. In truth, what we put into our body affects our skin and what we apply topically to our skin affects our body.

Lotus Evolutions has designed offerings that combine clean and organic topical treatments with inner-body care. Keri educates and coaches her clients on how to support gut and skin health through diet and lifestyle. She says this is the missing link in achieving optimal results following facials, peels and other skin resurfacing treatments, emphasizing results don’t happen overnight and consistency is key.

Keri and Chad also create and produce organic, cold-pressed juices and customized juice-cleansing programs to provide clients with extra nutritional and cleansing support following scheduled skin and wellness services. Much of the produce comes from Arizona farms.

Considering that chronic stress is a major contributor to poor gut and skin health, Lotus Evolutions places importance and focus on the ambiance and comfort of their clients. Aromatherapy, meditation music, lighting and decor are harmoniously integrated to achieve inner balance and rejuvenation.

Keri and Chad view their “360-degree approach” as being at the forefront of skin and wellness care. They plan to expand their concept into Maricopa’s premier destination for nutrition, inner rejuvenation and holistic wellness.

Currently, Lotus Evolutions offers:

Skin care

  • Facials
  • Gua Sha sculpting massage
  • Light-depth skin peels
  • Derma plane
  • Micro needling
  • Our locally crafted Desert Love facial products

Personalized nutrition

  • Body typing
  • Enzyme nutrition
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Juice cleansing programs

Wellness support

  • Full-spectrum infrared sauna
    Supports – detoxification, heart health, muscle recovery, pain relief, skin health, weight-loss and over-all relaxation of the body and mind.

Lotus Evolutions anticipates adding additional products and services in the upcoming months. This includes massage therapy and expanding their Desert Love line of desert-optimized skin care products.

If you’re ready to look and feel amazing, give us a call at 480-779-8413!

Located at 41640 W. Smith Enke Road, Suite 109 (Inside L’Mage)


This sponsored content was first published in the Health Guide, which first published alongside the October edition of InMaricopa magazine.