Have you ever noticed those catchy signs on state highways and thought you could make something a tad more memorable? 

This is your time to shine. The Arizona Department of Transportation is holding its seventh annual safety message contest and it’s captured the attention of some here in town. 

Comedy is a great way to spread the message of road safety, believes Maricopa resident Nico Mancini. 

“People gravitate more to comedy, than to more serious stuff,” he said. “If the comedy also just so happens to be relaying an important message, I think it’s going to stick with people more.” 

ADOT will select at least 10 finalists next week. Then, the public will decide the winners. 

The two messages that receive the most votes will appear on overhead message boards along Arizona’s highways. 

Some recent examples of messages illuminated above the roadways include “Drive hammered, get nailed,” and “That’s the temperature — not the speed limit.” 

“We want these messages to spark conversations about safe driving,” ADOT Director Jennifer Toth said in a statement yesterday. “Real change happens when drivers prioritize safety and choose not to drive recklessly, distracted or impaired.” 

When creating a message, there’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit. But you must follow these guidelines: 

  • The message must relate to traffic safety. 
  • Signs accommodate three lines, 18 characters per line. 
  • #Hashtags, phone numbers and website addresses are not allowed. 
  • No emojis. 

Entries are due Tuesday, July 25. 

Create and submit a message into ADOT’s contest here. 


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