Maricopa population tops in Pinal County


U.S. Census Bureau’s release of 2020 data shows Maricopa is the most populous city or town in Pinal County with 58,125 residents. And as growth would have it, the just-released population figures are already outdated.

City Manager Rick Horst pegs Maricopa’s current population at over 63,000.

“This population number, coupled with the outlying population who travel to Maricopa for shopping and service needs, equates to approximately 95,000,” Horst said. “This number begins to draw the attention of the retail, commercial, office, medical, restaurant and entertainment industry.”

Census Numbers
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Mayor Christian Price said the Census “fell flat a little bit when it came to door-knocking” due to the pandemic, but the results are a “fairly true reflection of our growth rate.”

“We are the largest incorporated city in Pinal County. I don’t see that changing soon, with so many people wanting to come here and experience what we have.”

Census Numbers