Tonight's clouds are expected to clear off by morning to start a sunny week. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

As March comes to a close, don’t expect any lion-like behavior from Maricopa skies. Today’s cloudy skies and wind will continue overnight and turn into at least three more days of mild temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday is forecast to be sunny with a high near 70 degrees and breezy conditions. Winds of 10-20 mph could gust to 25 mph. Tuesday’s nighttime low is expected to be around 47 degrees with similar winds from the west southwest.

Wednesday, expect sunny skies again with a high of 70 and an overnight low of 43. Breezes will be 5-15 mph.

Thursday’s forecast is just a tad warmer, with the expected high at 74 and calm winds becoming northwest at 5 mph by the afternoon. Overnight lows will be around 46 degrees.

Friday will start a trend toward another very warm weekend. The daytime high will be about 81 under sunny skies. Friday’s nighttime low will be 50.

Days will grow progressively warmer through the rest of the weekend.


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