Traffic Signal at 347 & Old Maricopa

The traffic signal project at the intersection of State Route 347 and Old Maricopa Road west of I-10 in the Gila River Indian Community will not be activated until fall as more work needs to be done.

“The traffic signal project at SR 347 and Old Maricopa Road will include earthwork and paving in the coming months,” Arizona Department of Transportation spokesman Doug Nintzel said of the $1.3 million project. “In addition to the traffic signals being added at the intersection, crews also will add acceleration lanes allowing additional room so traffic from Old Maricopa Road can safely merge onto SR 347. The signals will, for the first time, allow traffic on southbound Old Maricopa Road to make left turns onto northbound SR 347.”

The addition of the northbound acceleration lane for traffic entering from Old Maricopa Road will allow the signal for northbound SR 347 traffic to remain green. Accommodations will be made for emergency vehicle preemption of the signal as needed.

Nintzel said the changes will require some patience from drivers.

“As with changes involving new signals at any highway intersection, we’re going to need drivers on both roadways to use caution, stay alert and merge safely when the signals are active,” he said. “Drivers on SR 347 can expect work zone restrictions once the earthwork and paving get underway, along with future lane striping adjustments.”