MUSD raises stipends for extracurricular activities


The Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board recently granted stipend increases for school staff who give their time to help students with extracurricular activities.

The board approved a raise in stipend pay for the extra duty teachers and staff perform by a 4-0 vote. These stipends range from Level A, the lowest level of $900 for activities including middle school band director, high school assistant percussion instructor and National Honor Society advisor, to the highest level (level L) which doles out $5,000 for the head varsity football coach.

Other examples of stipends include:

– $4,000 for head coaches of some other sports and director of the marching band.

– $3,500 for RAM Academy counselors and ESS Support.

– $3,000 for the head coaches of the other varsity sports and other athletic department positions.

– $2,600 for junior varsity and freshman coaches and district employees holding doctoral degrees.

– $2,300 for the head cheerleading coach (per season), the high school drama director, district staff with national board certification, and all high school assistant coaches except varsity football.

– $1,600 for student council advisors.

– $1,200 for the yearbook and school newspaper advisors and middle school head coaches.

The governing board said the increased stipends were long overdue. The previous rates have been in place since the 2013-14 school year.

Beckett said the new stipend levels are a “step in the right direction” toward remaining competitive with the stipends paid by districts in surrounding areas.

Governing Board member AnnaMarie Knorr said the increases were much needed – and long overdue.

“I can tell you nobody coaches for the money,” Knorr said. “Whatever is on this stipend schedule does not accurately reflect all the hours they put in. People coach because they love the students and love the athletics, but I’m glad we can get them a little bit extra to show them our appreciation and support.”