New mental health provider now serving Maricopa

Blue Bell Behavioral Health now provides mental health care to Maricopa residents. [submitted]
Blue Bell Behavioral Health now provides mental health care to Maricopa residents. [submitted]

Maricopans suffering mental health issues have long had to trek to the Valley to find a provider who could address their needs.  

Not anymore. 

Blue Bell Behavioral Health’s Casa Grande campus is now open and provides mental health care to Maricopa residents via on-site visits at the clinic, in-home visits or telehealth appointments. 

The facility, which opened in April, is located at 108 W. First St. in Casa Grande. 

According to facility administrator Lisa Tapia, those who wish to speak with a counselor can simply call the facility and get an appointment. If patients can’t pay the cash rate, Blue Bell will work to match them with the right application to get scholarship approval.  

Blue Bell works with many groups to fund mental health care for those who can’t afford it. 

The clinic does not treat minors. 

Blue Bell is “striving to transform the health care system by taking a holistic approach to health and well-being,” the clinic says. “We’re changing the way people approach health care by connecting people to new health care providers. We promote well-being through continual innovation, openness, and collaboration. Join us today and let us work together to create a healthier world.” 

Tapia said the clinic was established to meet a rising need in Pinal County. 

“Coming out of the pandemic there was a pent-up need for mental health services,” she said. “That is particularly true in Pinal County where we have a somewhat limited availability of mental health services due to the explosive growth in the county.” 

When patients reach out to Blue Bell, the staff schedule a meeting to determine the patient’s specific needs and how to fulfill them. That could be something as simple as skill building, managing interpersonal relationships or dealing with social anxiety. Whatever it is, Tapia said Blue Bell helps patients determine what issues to tackle and find a therapy-based solution.  

Blue Bell only offers therapeutic solutions – it does not prescribe medication. If necessary, clinicians can refer patients to a physician for prescriptions.  

The clinic uses cognitive behavioral therapy, integrated play therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness modalities to support its patients. These techniques allow Blue Bell’s counselors to find the right method to address each patient’s specific mental health needs.  

Blue Bell specializes in treating anxiety, depression, prenatal-postpartum depression and dual diagnoses. 

It also treats a variety of other common mental health issues like ADHD, addiction, anger management, bipolar disorder, domestic abuse, stress and trauma. Clinicians can help navigate divorce, infidelity and other marital issues, among others. 

Blue Bell also offers career counseling, life coaching and transitional services. 

The center is ideal for those who have never utilized mental health services before. 

“We are an excellent entry point for therapy,” said Kane Eustace, Blue Bell’s chief technology officer. “A lot of people got disconnected during the pandemic and may not have gotten the support they need once the pandemic ended. What makes us a little different is that we can provide those services and add in job skills and training and support groups at no cost to help them re-enter smoothly.” 

Blue Bell is the first entity to provide mental health counseling and therapy within Maricopa. 

“We make it our personal aim and mission to help as many people as possible with their mental health conditions and improve their lifestyle,” Tapia said. 

While virtual visits are available – and were a huge benefit during the pandemic – Tapia said Blue Bell is seeing a rise in those who want to meet in person. 

“The virtual meetings can be really effective as long as the engagement is there,” she said. “And it might open it up to someone who wouldn’t otherwise seek mental health care. But we prefer to have someone there in person, and we’re seeing more people who want to come in person.” 

Blue Bell is a non-crisis facility and does not provide in-patient care or stays. At least, not yet. 

“As the company develops, we can possibly offer some of those services,” Tapia said. “We can upgrade our license to accommodate those models. We also can treat non-referred patients and give them a safe place to open up about what they are going through.” 

Blue Bell offers support groups for women, parents, veterans and first responders, both active duty and retired. 

“Our passion and mission to help veterans get the care they need that they may not be getting from existing services,” Reyes said. “We want this to be a place where they can go to share their story and feel like they are at home.”