Cops didn’t file criminal charges after a teacher reportedly assaulted a student at a local school last month. 

Maricopa Police Department launched an investigation Aug. 25 after a female teacher allegedly grabbed a student by the wrist and pulled him in a classroom.  

School administration passed an internal investigation along to police. 

Students told law enforcement the alleged victim was disrupting class, refused orders to go to the principal’s office and lounged with his legs hanging over the desk. Some of the students said they saw the teacher grab his ankles and wrists. 

According to police documents, the alleged victim begged the teacher not to touch him. 

MPD spokesperson Monica Williams said the department concluded the incident was not criminal, so did not submit charges to Pinal County Attorney’s Office. 

Arizona statute describes assault as causing any “physical injury” to another person. 

Officials at Edkey Sequoia Schools did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

The alleged assault preluded a shelter-in-place order Sept. 8 over unsubstantiated reports of guns in the elementary school.  

This week, Sequoia Pathway canceled its football season due to “safety” concerns, according to the Arizona Republic.