I-10 Broadway Rd ADOT
There are no construction closures on the state's highways during either the Christmas or New Year's holiday weekends, ADOT said. The agency recommends using caution and allowing extra travel time due to high traffic volume. [ADOT]

For the first time in months, there will be no freeway closures awaiting Maricopa drivers headed to the Valley this holiday weekend.

The Arizona Department of Transportation will not close any local freeways – or in fact, any freeways statewide – during the Memorial Day weekend, leaving drivers free to travel without restrictions.

The construction and maintenance shutdown by ADOT and its contractors will stretch from Friday afternoon to Monday night.

The recent restrictions on U.S. 60 due to a water main break in Tempe also have been lifted since the repair of the pipe, reopening a major east-west route in the southeast Valley.

ADOT recommends drivers planning road trips over the Memorial Day weekend prepare ahead of time for hot weather in some areas of the state, stay alert and bring along essential items in case of an unscheduled stop in traffic. The agency also recommends allowing extra time due to increased traffic, especially during peak travel periods, and that drivers be prepared for unscheduled highway closures due to crashes, disabled vehicles or other incidents such as wildfires.

Motorists also should pack extra drinking water and other items including blankets, a first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, a fully charged cell phone and charger, snacks, baby diapers if necessary and a small tool kit.

Since travel delays due to traffic volume are possible, ADOT reminds travelers not to forget other important items such as prescription medicines. A hat, sunglasses and umbrella – to help with rain or shade – also are good items to remember as the annual summer travel season gets underway.

ADOT’s holiday weekend safe driving recommendations include:
• Never drive while impaired. Buckle up and obey speed limits.
• Arrange for a designated driver or ride service if necessary.
• Check your vehicle, including tire pressure.
• Get some rest before traveling. Fatigue is a serious safety risk.
• Avoid distractions. Don’t text while driving.
• Don’t park in areas with grasses and brush. Hot vehicle components could start a fire.