Opinion: Highway infrastructure cannot support more Maricopa housing

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By Troy Baker

Page 35 of your April issue cemented my assumption that the City is being managed by a group of idiots.

The year-over-year number of housing permits issued for a community that highway infrastructure cannot support (and is currently unsafe) is astounding. And, what is going to happen when the road is resurfaced? It was a nightmare when it was resurfaced back around ’08, and is very close in need of resurface again.

One positive action – after several e-mails to ADOT, they have finally adjusted the lights at 347/Riggs in the AM, and rather than cause a 3-mile backup on northbound 347 and no backups on East-West Riggs, the northbound 347 backup is much better, and the East-West Riggs traffic is now left to “bear some pain.” PM traffic backup is still terrible. It’s no wonder patience runs thin.

I moved here in early 2002, and I clearly made a mistake in not selling my home prior to the housing crash.

Troy Baker is a resident of Maricopa.



  1. Thank you Troy, a true mind reader! While the little housing boom in Maricopa is nice to see, some simple math will bring things into perspective.

    340 empty lots in my neighborhood were recently purchased and the builder is, well, building. That is a good thing for the state / city in tax revenue, etc. BUT..if and when all the lots become occupied homes 340 more vehicles will be fighting for position on 347. That is a conservative estimate of 1 vehicle per household.

    Are the any plans to add lanes to 347? Probably a good idea to start making some….NOW!

  2. I agree Troy. You made a mistake by not leaving years ago. Anybody that can start an opinion piece by calling everybody idiots is not only misinformed, but also ignorant. The commute is not the issue. It is your inability to manage your time. Try leaving 15 minutes earlier and relax with a good audio book during our slight 10 minute delay. Then curse when you hit the real traffic on the I-10 or the 101. Please let us know when you leave so we can lock the barn door on your way out.

    P.S. Was that you this morning weaving back and forth to make time and then me passing you at the I-10 merge as I leisurely continued on Queen Creek to my work? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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