Pleased to meet you


As I have made the rounds during my first few days as the Editorial Director for InMaricopa, I’ve been impressed with the sense of community among the leaders and citizenry of Maricopa.

In my new role here at InMaricopa, I’m coming into a magazine and an online publication where the mission has been to inform — and that will not change under my stewardship.

First and foremost, I feel our mission here is to print the news, free of any filters or agendas. It’s to apply the disinfectant of sunlight to issues that have been overlooked. We will tell the stories of our citizens’ successes, while informing of our collective struggles.

Another important aspect of our role in this community will be to highlight the different voices in one of the most diverse communities in the state of Arizona.

Maricopa has a small-town feel, but when you realize it has a population of a tick over 62,000, it’s anything but a small town.

The growth of this city in the last 20 years is nothing short of astounding when you consider that its population was less than 2,000 people around the year 2000.

While the nation seems pre-occupied with the goings on in Maricopa County to the north, the city of Maricopa, and Pinal County in general, seems to be the real epicenter of activity.
And while it may seem like Maricopa is flying under the radar, the secret of this city is getting out in a big way.

Every day, a new business seems to open. Houses are consistently being built to accommodate this exponential growth.

It’s truly an exciting time to be here in Maricopa. There are many stories to tell about this area’s rich history and many others to document the story of growth as we move forward into what’s sure to be a prosperous future.

I feel fortunate to be along for the ride.

This Editor’s Letter was first published in the November edition of InMaricopa magazine.