Police seek sheep, find frog


Maricopa police officers, responding to what was believed to be a sheep stuck in The Villages drainage ditch Tuesday, discovered a frog.

The call came in at 8:29 a.m. when a resident of the community, out for a morning stroll, heard what she described as a sheep-like sound coming from the roadside drain.

Out of concern for the animal the resident called police, who responded to the scene a short time later. Officers were able to ascertain that it was not a sheep stuck in the drain, but they were not clear whether it was a family of cats or a frog.

After determining that it was indeed a frog stuck in the drain, Global Water was called out to help remove the creature.

“I have lived in Arizona a long time, and in the rural areas during monsoon season it’s not uncommon for frogs to be seen,” said Maricopa police officer Christina Pantoja.

File photo