Poll: Readers say dog parks for pooches, not kids

Readers in our weekly InMaricopa.com poll oppose allowing children in local dog parks by a wide margin. The city will be adding new dog parks to compensate for the loss of the park at Copper Sky.

Those responding to InMaricopa.com’s weekly reader poll are usually opinionated. But rarely are so many of the opinions the same.

In one of the more lopsided polls in recent memory, respondents overwhelmingly said they do not believe children belong in the dog parks.

This week’s question, on the heels of the city stating it will build several new dog parks in town to replace the one being lost to development at Copper Sky, was: “Do you think children should be allowed at local dog parks?”

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 275 people who voted agreed with the answer “No, these are dog parks not playgrounds.”

Those who want children to have access to the parks and chose the response, “Yes, children and dogs belong together,” tallied just 22% of the votes. Less than 5% were undecided.

The city is considering several sites for new dog parks around the city, choosing a formula of having more, but smaller dog parks rather than one, large, centrally located park.

Read more about the dog park issues in Maricopa: https://www.inmaricopa.com/development-copper-sky-dog-park-innovation-center/