Poll recap: Most will wear masks if businesses require them


Last Monday, InMaricopa published an unofficial poll to assess – informally – where we are with wearing masks due to the pandemic.

We asked, “Will you patronize a business with a mask mandate?”

It should be noted businesses have the right to require masks – or not. It’s their choice.

Through 6 p.m. Sunday, 317 people had voted. About two-thirds of the respondents (208) said they would wear a mask if required to enter a business, with about 34% (109) saying they would not.

The poll stimulated discussion from both sides.


“Yes. We should respect the rights of the business,” commented Patti Loring. “If you don’t want to wear your mask them don’t go in that business

“I respect businesses that are part of the solution and helping to protect their employees and their customers,” wrote Stephanie Ziske.

“We will only go to stores that have this requirement. The pandemic is still here and it is not going away as long as people continue to ignore it and downplay it,” said Gareth Von Kallenbach. “It is a simple thing to help ensure the safety of employees and others. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and we still mask up at all times and exercise caution as it is the best way to keep others safe when going out and about.”

Michele Ellis wrote that masks are a safety issue. “I wear a mask to protect myself,” she commented. “What others do is up to them. It’s not a rights issue for me. It’s a safety issue. Masks aren’t a political issue. Taking some kind of arbitrary freedom fighter stance over mask wearing is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

“These comments reinforce the stereotype that Maricopa is full of inbred morons,” wrote Daniel Diggle Gossett. To which Gus Stallone responded: “Yep. Commonly known as covidiots.”


Plenty of commenters, however, said they would not wear masks.

“Big fat NOPE!,” wrote Jenece Mordt.

“Absolutely not!” Tina Nilsen commented. “If the mask works then you shouldn’t worry if someone doesn’t have one on. If they don’t work why are you forcing people to wear them?? People who want to wear can and those who don’t shouldn’t be forced. My opinion masks hurt more than they help.”

“Nope. Absolutely not,” said Jordynn Lucero, whose comment earned five thumbs-ups.

“No. We live in America, freedom of choice is what we live and breathe,” agreed Sally Huff. “It’s these LITTLE things that will enslave us if we allow it. God bless the USA!!!”

“Businesses have the right to require masks,” Sam Bullock wrote. “If there’s 2 businesses that have what I need, and 1 requires a mask while the other does not, I will choose to go to the business that doesn’t require a mask.”

Richelle Sheets said it is up to the individual, and people should respect those decisions.

“I respect a person who decides they want to wear a mask, I respect a person who chooses not to wear a mask,” she commented. “I don’t need to know the reasoning behind their decision. Some people are protecting elderly or sick loved ones. Some people are choosing to protect ‘you’ by wearing a mask. Some people just flat out don’t want to wear one. I’m no one to judge. I do what I want to do to protect myself and my loved ones.”

Tony Vienonen said he’ll wear a masked if asked.

“Sure. I don’t care,” he wrote. “Want me to wear a mask, I will. Don’t care if I wear one? I won’t. I don’t get my panties in a bunch over things like this.”