Poll voters think growth should slow


The results of this week’s poll show that respondents feel the city may be growing a bit too fast for their liking.

The city is looking at more than 20,000 new homes in some form of planning or development over the next several years, the issue is not going away any time soon.

When asked the question, “What are your thoughts on all the new homes currently being built in Maricopa?” 53.3%, or 234 of the 439 total votes, said the developments are happening too quickly and should be halted. There were 153 votes, or 34.9% for the response that new homes are a positive sign of growth and should continue, and 52 votes (11.8%) went to the response, ‘Who cares? Growth is inevitable.’

Growth will always be an issue in a community growing as fast as Maricopa, just as disagreeing about its value will always be a topic of conversation. Check the site for our new poll coming soon to voice your opinion about issues important to Maricopans.