Polling places busy across city but no lengthy lines yet reported by midday

Although polling places across Maricopa experienced brisk turnout as they opened Tuesday morning, voters were processed quickly and there were no lengthy lines reported. [Bryan Mordt]

Voting was brisk across Maricopa on Tuesday morning as polls opened for the General Election. While polling places were busy, there were no lengthy lines reported through midday.

The heaviest voting traffic is anticipated in late afternoon through closing time in the evening. Polls are open until 7 p.m.

A sampling of voters interviewed by InMaricopa at Precinct 102 at Saddleback Elementary School and Precinct 80 near Maricopa Veterans Center showed a feeling of being duty-bound to exercise a right that does not exist in some countries.

“I came out because it’s important that we all have a voice, and a vote, so that we can all share in this process,” said Terra Whetten. “I think it’s important that everyone speak up.”

Another voter expressed voting “to protect my rights, my body.”

One voter said she has voted in every election since she was 18 because “it’s a privilege to vote.”

Like so many in Maricopa, another is relatively new to the community and was voting for the first time here “because it’s important that my vote counts.”

Yet another expressed that, “It’s like kind of a duty to vote. My sister passed away from fentanyl last year, so go red.”