The hottest week of 2016 is also the hottest week Maricopa has ever seen in January.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures climbed above 84 degrees for the first time ever between Feb. 9 and 11. The heat wave is expected to continue into the weekend as well, and Maricopa residents could see more record heat.

The record-breaking temperatures are being caused by an unusually strong high pressure system in the area. Until the high pressure system moves out, temperatures will remain in the mid to high 80s.

Both Friday and Saturday are projected to feature sunny skies with a high near 85 degrees. The wind is expected to gust near 5 mph, and the overnight low should drop to 45 degrees.

The average temperature for Maricopa this time of year is approximately 70 degrees. If both days reach or surpass their projected temperature, they will be the hottest Feb. 12 and 13 ever recorded in the area.

Valentine’s Day should see a slight decline in temperature to 83 degrees. The skies should remain clear throughout the afternoon and evening, and the overnight low should drop to 44 degrees.

Monday is expected to reach 83 degrees as well, but temperatures are expected to be back on the rise to 85 degrees on Tuesday before topping out at 87 degrees on Wednesday.

More information will be available as the weekend comes to a close.


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