U.S. Rep. Eli Crane offered few answers about funding for State Route 347 during a Q&A portion of a virtual congressional update for Pinal County residents Wednesday night.  

Crane, a Republican who represents Maricopa in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, briefly talked about transportation lobbyists and grant money for the traffic-bogged road before delving into a longer discussion on fiscal responsibility. 

“What we’re hearing from the lobbyists that we’re working with … is that some of the grants aren’t ready to present to us yet,” Crane said. “So, when it’s ready for primetime, when it’s ready for us to support, we’re going to support any way we can, trying to make things a smoother ride for you guys.” 

He also added that while roads and other infrastructure projects are issues he is “definitely willing to support,” fiscal responsibility takes precedence. 

Specifically, he noted that the federal government will “take something like State Route 347 that is virtuous, is good” and tack on pork-barrel spending. 

“You guys pay your tax dollars and what do they do, they add some crap to it that you would never support,” he said. “So, when I vote against the funding for 347 because they attached you know, $20 million to Ukraine to it, then they run the commercial saying, ‘Congressman Crane doesn’t support your roads and infrastructure.’” 

Crane offered few other talking points specific to Pinal County residents, with most discussions focused on border security, immigration and other federal issues.  


  1. I agree with the Congressman, the dems always try to slide in some BS such as Ukraine. The totality of money we have thrown down the Ukraine hole would have paid for a 347 remake 10 times over.

    Congressman Crane will have my vote for re-election.