Respected longtime teacher remembered


A longtime Maricopa middle school teacher who died last week is remembered as a dedicated educator beloved by his students.

Leonard Bratspir taught seventh and eighth graders at Maricopa Wells Middle School from 2013 until 2020. But he dedicated his life to teaching for an eye-popping 55 years.

“Mr. Bratspir was an excellent educator who taught for over 55 years,” MWMS Principal Thad Miller told InMaricopa. “He loved his job and his students loved him. He touched thousands of lives, and his legacy will live on forever.”

Miller remembered Bratspir as “an excellent example for all educators to follow.”

Bratspir lived in Arizona since the 1980s.

He was a man with a sense of humor.

In a 2015 InMaricopa profile, he was asked what he least liked about Maricopa. His response: “All the traffic lights that never work when you want them to.”

His favorite quote came from Ben Franklin: “There are two things you can lose and never regain — time and personal honor.”

He earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Penn State University and his master’s degree in education administration from Villanova University.

Bratspir is survived by his wife, Linda, and five children.


  1. But this article is dead wrong. Leonard did NOT have 5 children. His second wife did. He ABANDONED his first wife and 3 children when they were little kids in 1987. He literally just didn’t bother coming home from his teaching job that day. Didn’t quit his job, talk to his kids or wife, boss, and family or coworkers…he just ran away. His then wife of 19 years, worked with him in the same school. He just disappeared with no word.

    A role model? indeed, he touched SO many lives…Indeed, his legacy lives on…

    • I think it’s close-minded for someone to come onto a website and post opinions as if they were facts. Especially, if that person they are talking down on isn’t here to defend themselves or explain themselves. Some would say those are actions of a coward. I would urge anyone reading the previous comment to ask themselves if any stable individual would post this.. I think the answer is obvious.

      Shame on you for making his passing some sort of platform to solidify some inner conflict you have clearly been battling with for many years. Shame on you for feeling as though you have any right to say the noted 5 children aren’t his. You have no right to dictate a family’s relationship dynamics.

      Seek therapy.