School board VP to resign


Gary Miller, vice president of the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board, announced plans to resign at a school board meeting this month.

The longtime school board member was unanimously selected as vice president just this year. At a Sept. 13 meeting, he said new career responsibilities will hinder his ability to continue serving on the board.

“Serving on this board has offered priceless opportunities to connect with the community,” said Miller, whose term expires in December next year.

After a three-year stint on the board from 2015 to 2018, Pinal County Schools Superintendent Jill Broussard tapped Miller to fill a vacancy last year after member Jim Jordan passed away.

Now, the county superintendent is tasked with filling the vacancy once again.

According to the Pinal County School Office, a governing board may submit up to three names to the county superintendent for consideration of an appointment to fill the vacancy.

The superintendent is not required to appoint a member from the list submitted by the governing board, per Arizona law.

Jessica Barr, an accountant at the Pinal County School Office, was not aware Thursday of any names submitted for consideration.

Maricopa residents interested in appointment can apply at the Pinal County School Governing Board Vacancy Notices website.